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The Drifters Snowmobile Club wants to thank you for visiting our site and possibly considering joining our club.  Like any not for profit club we could always use fresh minds and willing hands to help make this the best club in Wisconsin.


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Trails CLOSED Zones 1,2,3,4,5 | ALL ZONES  - February 6rd 7:00 AM | Drifters Club Trails = Zone 2 | Please STAY ON THE TRAILS!!! or You will be TICKETED | Call (920) 232-1960 opt. 4 Open/Close Status |The county now has 5 zones | Zone Map | Facebook Trail updates

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Winnebago County Ice Ordinance


ICE Ordinance Update: 
Winnebago County Ice Ordinance to be enforced.

Fox 11 article Link

Summary of facts:

Winnebago County Sheriff's Office is enforcing a new ordinance for all motor vehicles on ice countywide.  New regulations include slowing to 10 mph hour within 100 feet of shanties and people. The speed limit is also now 25 mph within 250 feet of shore(snowmobiles excluded by definition in ordinance9.36 (3)) (State snowmobile Regulations reads.. When you are riding a snowmobile between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 am and you are riding within 150 feet of a home or dwelling, you must slow your snowmobile to 10-mph or less.) . The cost for breaking the rules is about $188. (These regulations have always applied to snowmobiles, now they apply to all motorized vehicles on the ice including passenger vehicles) 

Wisconsin Snowmobile Regulations pdf (See page 10)

Winnebago County Ordinance 38-62012 pdf (Read document)

Winnebago County Ordinance Chapter 9 pdf (see page 30) 

The ordinance excludes snowmobiles by definition as they are already regulated at the state level. (9.36 (3))

The ordinance regulates Race tracks within 1000ft of shoreline (see page 31)

The ordinance also regulates recreational fires on the ice (See page 32)

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GPS Trail Maps

Learn more about snowmobile gps units and snowmobile trail maps for your GPS.  If you dont have one you need to get one!

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Club Groomer

The club groomer is a LMC 1800 with a 9' by 18' Snowplane drag. Our club purchased the groomer in 2007 and has done extensive maintenance in preparation for this season.

Groomer Pics | Snow Plane You Tube Clip

Night 55 mph Speed Limit

DNR Conservation Warden Gary Eddy explains the new 55 mph night-time speed limit for snowmobiles.

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