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The Drifters Snowmobile Club wants to thank you for visiting our site and possibly considering joining our club.  Like any not for profit club we could always use fresh minds and willing hands to help make this the best club in Wisconsin.


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Club History

Club History

Drifters Snowmobile Club

Drifters Snowmobile Club was founded 1967. P. O. Box 641 Neenah, WI 54957-0641



Club History:

Drifters was formed in 1967 In 1968 the Drifters sponsored the first Fox River Valley Championships Snowmobile Derby held on Lake Poygan. 1970 the race moved to County M. The land was leased from Howard Schierland for the race. In 1974 the race drew 250 racers and over 10,000 spectators. 1975 was the last race In 1969 the Drifters had a contest to pick "Drifters Snow Queen" Her name was Rosanne Luebke. She was the runner up for the State Snow Queen. 1970 The Drifters purchased a First Aid Sled and kept it at the Neenah Fire Station. 1974 The Drifters received the Safety Award from the Midwest Snowtrails Magazine for their role in safety and community involvement. All the clubs in WI, Mich, and Minn. were in competition for the award. From 1969 through 1976 the Drifters published a magazine "The Snowmobiler" it was free to the public. Starting in 1969, Drifters Club members would meet at Gillingham School with their sleds and give mentally retarded children rides on their sleds 1996 & 1997 Drifters Snowmobile Club again sponsored the Fox River Valley Championship races on Lake Winnebago. 1998 the Drifters attempted to have a 3rd race but ice and weather conditions were very poor and the race had to be cancelled. Every year since the beginning, the Drifters have held a trail fund raffle. This has grown into our backwards raffle that we have every October. The Drifters also help with Claytonfest. This is an annual festival, held in June, to raise money for the trails. The Drifters are in charge of the beer,soda and the food. In 2007 the Drifters purchased a groomer from the WCSA and our trails became state funded.

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Learn more about snowmobile gps units and snowmobile trail maps for your GPS.  If you dont have one you need to get one!

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Club Groomer

The club groomer is a LMC 1800 with a 9' by 18' Snowplane drag. Our club purchased the groomer in 2007 and has done extensive maintenance in preparation for this season.

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Night 55 mph Speed Limit

DNR Conservation Warden Gary Eddy explains the new 55 mph night-time speed limit for snowmobiles.

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